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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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good evening. two weeks from election day and the two campaigns could not be approaching it more differently. hillary clinton act like a front-runner and a front-runner with coattails. new cnn/orc polling shows her leading by five points nationally. she's now campaigning to flip the house and senate, not just win the white house. the question, though, is she risking electoral votes or victory to do? as for donald trump, who wrapped up a heavy campaign day in florida, he seems torn between contradicting campaign messages, like i'm winning and i need your help. more now from jim acosta.
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>> reporter: don't believe the polls, trump says, believe him. >> watch the polls. this is part of the crooked system. >> reporter: as trump explained to farmers in florida, the latest election polls conducted by the mainstream news media are part of a bitter harvest, seeding doubts about his ability to win. >> these are what they call dark polls. they are phony polls put out by phony media. i'll tell you why. all of us are affected by this stuff. and what they do is try to suppress the vote. this way people don't go out and vote. >> reporter: for trump, the polls are now part of the conspiracy to deny him the white house, or as he described it roughly seven times in one minute, a rigged system. >> we are going to fix our rigged system. it's a rigged, broken, corrupt system. it's rigged. it's broken. it's corrupt. they want me to take that back. let me tell you, folks, it's a rigged system. we're in a rigged system. we're in a broken and corrupt system. and bernie sanders was in a
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rigged system. >> reporter: the latest cnn/orc poll finds trump trailing clinton by five points. >> we are behind. >> reporter: trump campaign manager kellyanne conway conceded what aides say privately. trump will have to come from behind to win. >> her husband campaigning for her, the current president and first lady, vice president, all much more popular than she can hope to be. and she's -- but she's seen as the incumbent. so our advantage going in, we were behind one, three, four points in some of these swing states that mitt romney lost to president obama, our advantage is that donald trump is just going to continue to take the case directly to the people. >> but it's a case trump sometimes mishandles, such as when he traveled to ghttysburg to lay out his vision for his first 100 days in office, only to spend the first ten minutes attacking the women who accused him of sexual assault. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: just today, trump rushed off one of his newest accusers. >> he grabbed each of us tightly in a hug and kissed each one of
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us without asking permission. >> reporter: pointing out she has starred in adult films. >> one said, he grabbed me on the arm. and she's a porn star. now, you know, this one that came out recently, "he grabbed me and grabbed me on the arm." oh, i'm sure she's never been grabbed before. >> jim acosta joins us from tampa. what did trump have to say tonight? >> reporter: anderson, this was pretty much his standard stump speech. he did go after hillary clinton and those wikileaks disclosures of clinton campaign e-mails. at one point, he did introduce a new line, saying that hillary clinton has abused the african-american community, abused the hispanic community, but i think what's notable about tonight, anderson, is that donald trump is escalating his attacks on the national news media. earlier today, he called the reporters covering his news campaign crooks and thieves and at this rally here in florida, he said that the media are not just against me, they're against you, as in, his supporters. he even at one point said that the national news media are against hard-working people.
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there seems to be a cause and effect, after his rallies are over, his crowds are increasingly getting more intense and their verbal attacks are also getting very intense, as i pass a live position early this evening. at one point, they were all around us, hurling all sorts of things we can't say on the air. >> hope you had a break tonight. jim acosta, thanks very much. now hillary clinton's day, which is making some democratic strategists nervous, the aim, it appears, is to act like a candidate who's on her way to such a big victory, she can afford to spread the campaign joy. clinton was on the trail with senator elizabeth warren today. warren, certainly, didn't seem to hold back when it came to donald trump. >> not at all. surrogate attack dog in chief, for sure. and what elizabeth warren was doing, probably in a more sharp fashion than we've ever seen from hillary clinton, is use donald trump's own words against him.
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whether from the debate or from some controversial videos. take a listen. >> he thinks that because he has a mouth full of tic tacs, that he can force himself on any woman within groping distance. well, i got news for you, donald trump! women have had it with guys like you. and on november 8th, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to pass our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever! >> obviously, getting the crowd all riled up in new hampshire. and here's why that's important, anderson. you talk about how hillary clinton has tried to shift her focus to down-ballot races. that's how comfortable her campaign feels. that stebds to surrogates, as well. elizabeth warren making the case for maggie hassen in a very tight senate race up in new hampshire. we've got surrogates all over the country in these battleground states that will now not only be helping the hillary clinton, but also
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helping boost those senate candidates. those senate candidates hillary clinton desperately feeds to win if she wants that democratic majority come january of next year, anderson. >> phil, a report came out today that makes support for obamacare a bit more difficult to defend, right? >> it's a support that i'm sure won't surprise you. donald trump took all of two hours to seize on at his rally in florida last night. this report, according to the obama administration, basically shows that premiums will be going up on average of 25% in the insurance exchanges, related to obamacare around the country. now, obviously, that is a big problem. and it's one that the trump campaign has been trying to highlight for months up to this point. i've been to dozens of donald trump rallies. repeal or replace obamacare has been one of his biggest applause lines. major insurers have started to pull out of the program. hillary clinton says she wants to fix it and expand upon it. and the obama administration makes clear, 75% of those who would be seeing these premium hikes would be eligible for subsidies. but you want to talk about an attack line in these last two weeks, this is certainly something the trump campaign wants to seize on.
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and anderson, you can go a little bit micro with it as well. this report outlining that a 27-year-old in arizona would see their premiums double. it's not just the big, but also on the state-by-state level, anderson. >> phil, thanks very much. as we mentioned at the top of the hour, for millions of people around the country, election day is now. they've started early votes and election watchers are certainly watching their every move for clues to where the entire election may be heading. tom foreman always keeps his eyes up and joins us with the latest on early voting. >> reporter: take a look at this map. early voting has now started more than half the states over the past few weeks. in florida, some people have been voting by mail, but today actual polling places there opened. six other states will jump onboard pretty soon, joining the rush. a few more will come after that, leaving only a dozen or so that have no early voting unless you have a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.
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at this point, more than 5 million people have cast their ballots already, or almost 4% of the 127 million who voted for obama or romney in 2012, anderson. >> and tom, we don't know whom these people are picking, so why do political analysts keep saying, this looks good for democrats? >> because democrats are voting early, at roughly the same rate as they did in 2012, while republicans are lagging. and you can really see that in some places, like colorado, where all of the balance returns so far, 42% are for the democrats, 32% for the republicans. this is exactly flipped from where it was at this point in the race four years ago, when the republicans had the edge there. same thing down here in arizona. there the democrats have a little bit of an edge. they were behind in 2012. not anymore. now, there is some good news for the republicans down here in florida. there, if you look at the raw vote count there, you can see the republicans, 411,000, almost 412,000, democrats, more like
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396,000. that's good news for the republicans. but overall, if you look at the whole country right now, in the 21 states where we know the voter affiliation of those returning ballots, look at this, the democrats with 1,391,436, republicans with 1,143,247. so republicans are lagging behind democrats. >> back with our panel. the fact that roughly 4% of people have voted early and even more will vote by the time of election day, it puts the pressure on now for these candidates to be as sharp as they can with their message. >> significantly. you heard donald trump today, as jim said, down in florida, saying that hillary clinton had abused the african-american community had abused the hispanic community. that's in big part because democrats are saying that
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hispanics at this point are double where they were four years ago, in terms of their early vote right now. and african-americans have requested absentee ballots by about 40% more than where they were about four years ago. so you're seeing in nevada, in other sort of battleground states, where the numbers just are going in the direction that the democrats, the clinton campaign, which has a boiler room that is watching this on a daily basis, what those trend lines are, and, you know, the trump campaign, according to advisers who have told me that they're going largely off of what the rnc and some of the state parties are telling them. they're still flying like a little bit blind in terms of where they're going to put their ad dollars at the very end, where they kind of need to goose the numbers to get people on election night. >> and we've talked a lot over the last couple of months about the democrats' ground game, how much they've invested in it. is there where we start to see some of the bank account in that, in terms of getting people to go out early and vote? >> absolutely. and patrick said they're looking at these numbers every day. they're looking at them every
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hour, every half hour. robby mook, who's doing such a great job, running the secretary's campaign. he is a numbers guy. and he's watching these trends, literally, like every couple of hours. and the ground game isn't just set up in a kind of "x" number of people here, x, y, there. it's a scientific plan of campaign we've built out from the beginning. and you can have a billion supporters, but if they don't vote, you have no supporters. this is where the rubber meets the road and where our campaign has a huge advantage. >> it's also where you see an advantage of having such a deep bench of surrogates, president obama, michelle obama, elizabeth warren, and joe biden. >> and you see the affinity groups and support groups, and by contrast, part of the reason donald trump does not have the same kind of organization is his alienuation with the republican establishment. democrats put that in play for a long time. unions who want to support hillary clinton and get the
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union vote out in support of hillary clinton because they see the option of having donald trump as president as an anathema will work very hard. >> and they have their own operations. it's operations on top of operations that will throw people out. >> i hate to burst this clinton celebration election we're having. i hate to burst your bubble, the unions did not get on board with hillary clinton from the very beginning. they actually were very hesitant -- >> that's not true. >> no, they were not. it was actually the union bosses that kind of pushed it along -- >> no. >> let her finish. >> if you talk to folks who are hurting, those who have lost their jobs and saw their jobs go to other country, the union as a whole might endorse them, but the actual workers who have seen their health care costs go up, there's no better advertisement for donald trump than a paycheck. and a paycheck -- >> she raises a good point. that's the argument the trump folks have been making for a long time, which is union bosses
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may be endorsing hillary clinton, but rank and file, they're going to go for donald trump. >> first of all, let's talk about facts. the labor movement was overwhelmingly supportive of hillary clinton. some may have supported bernie sanders, but overwhelmingly, i think three quarters of the union supported hillary clinton in the primaries. and when the primaries ended, all the unions got behind hillary clinton. that's just a fact. >> and let me just say, it's not just the bosses. if you look at the american federation of teachers, there are teachers all across this country, who since before the primaries have been spending their saturdays and sundays campaigning for hillary clinton. these are rank and file teachers, because they care about -- >> here's the other -- >> absolutely! >> let jeffrey -- >> sciu, in some of these trade unions. >> let me tell you, sciu is fully supporting -- >> this has happened before. the union bosses were all for walter mondale and jimmy carter.
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the rank and file voted for ronald reagan. >> it's good we're going back -- >> because we've got the same set of arguments. >> but beyond -- >> there is concern in the clinton campaign about numbers of young african-americans and young hispanics. they sent jay-z to cleveland to go a concert. j.lo will be down in miami. there is a concern, i don't think anybody's popping the cork quite yet. >> in actual terms of those actual numbers getting out. and what robby mook doesn't know, entirely, is whether the people who are voting go beyond, in terms of like who these people are, if they're new voters, especially if those younger voters are coming out. these tend to be older voters. >> i want to be clear. there's 15 days left. you've got to work 24 hours of those days. i think we're in a good spot, but look, i'm irish. the famine could start tomorrow. i'm not assuming good things are going to happen. assume bad things are going to happen and prevent them. and that's what we're going to
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do in this campaign. we're going to work until the polls close -- >> in georgia, politico has reported that the majority of the early voting is coming from the rural areas. there is a problem right now. hillary clinton and the democrats have of getting these urban areas mobilized. >> you're talking about georgia! >> you said georgia was competitive. >> -- focus on georgia -- >> no, i'm pointing out rural areas are voting, urban areas are not. i stood for an hour in rural areas of tennessee. inner city nashville, no lines. >> just to your point about donald trump -- >> see, that said -- >> i'm all over myself. >> just to the point of donald trump versus hillary clinton appealing to regular people. the argument that donald trump was ripped off thousands of people who has been a cheat and pathological liar and has been sued thousands of times by regular people, that is part of the message that is going to actually move a lot of voters towards the democrats and to hillary clinton. >> we'll take a quick break and more with the panel after the break.
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donald trump says he's winning and new polling shows it. however, neither poll he points to meets our standards for transparency. the bulk industry of polls show a different picture. clinton up five points here and ahead by similar amounts in several polling averages. back now with the panel.
10:20 pm
jeffrey, do you -- how do you see the polls? where do you see hope? >> i'm a little weary -- i'm just sort of naturally weary of polls. one thing i should say, for the audience, that doesn't listen to rush limbaugh, rush limbaugh has for years -- >> or the panel. >> or the panel, exactly! rush limbaugh has maintained for years that these polls are used for political purposes to, in essence, build momentum for candidates. and so, you know, i suspect he's probably been saying this in the last few days as well. >> but aren't these the same polling organizations which during the primary, you know, donald trump doing very well -- >> yes, they are, they are. >> and the fox poll shows him behind. >> and i genuinely don't understand it, are they getting to people who never before have participated in the system? i genuinely don't know. i mentioned the signs all over the place. what i'm seeing is not jiving with what i'm seeing in the
10:21 pm
polls. >> do they they get to people who traditionally haven't been part of the process? >> right now a lot of people are living in their bubbles and they're seeing is such sort of exuberant, high-energy support for their candidate. and it's very hard to tell getting outside of that in places like utah. is it really possible that hillary clinton could win utah? because it's looking like it's going to be a three-way race right there. what we do know is historically no nominee in modern times has come back from the kinds of deficits that donald trump has in so many battleground states, and has been able to find a path forward, like he would need to achieve. >> one other thing here, these rallies, that we've talked about, people don't just show up and get in. they weight hours and hours and hours to get in there. i would suggest that people who are willing to do that are definitely going to go out and vote. >> those are dedicated -- >> but let me talk about the frustration of the polls, what jim acosta is seeing out there, why people are so mad at the media. even our own cnn poll, granted it's based off of a certain
10:22 pm
algorithm, has 33% democrat, 33% independent, 30% gop. that's higher democrats that are being polled of what the average should be. so when people hear that, they go, wait a minute, these polls are being skewed towards hillary clinton, towards the democrats. and they get that frustration -- >> you think that's why they're screaming at jim acostas? you don't think it's because your candidate -- >> no, it's because the media -- >> you don't think it's because your candidate is calling the media -- >> when you have the -- >> that's nothing to do with the reporters. >> but there is an honest frustration -- >> i get the whole bias argument. i totally get that. >> for a reason. we have to understand -- >> but your candidate is riling them up. >> polls have been cited for decades -- >> but this is more than traditional. >> if kellyanne conway wasn't working for a candidate, she would say that because of the
10:23 pm
antagonism by donald trump and his campaign of african-americans, of hispanics, of women, hat waiting, you know, probably could be even greater -- >> traditional average -- >> i think the thing about the polls, if you take a little bit of a step back, is that no one disputing that the people in those auditoriums, they're for donald trump. and no matter what happens over the next 15 days, they're for donald trump. and what was said, which was true during the primaries and is really proving true now, he cannot crack 40. he is in the 30s. i have no doubt we'll see that kind of support for him on election day. but that's not going to carry him over. so the people yelling at jim acosta, which i just think is, honestly, horrible and inappropriate and wrong, they are fueled by donald trump. but they are the people who are voting for him. and a general election, unlike a primary, is about having the ability as a candidate and a campaign to reach beyond. and i think everyone we're talking about tonight from the stepping on his own message to
10:24 pm
bringing the women who have accused him up at ghettysburg, that all goes back to mr. trump's biggest weakness. his temperament and that he's temperamentally unqualified to be president. and he is making that case. >> jonathan? >> trump is not capable of making the argument, and that's the frustration that you're seeing that's maybe reflecting itself in the polls, where people are being polled because they're absorbing what they see about donald trump. the fact that he's a sexual predator, that he's a liar, that he's -- >> ugh! that's slander! >> no, it's not. >> it's all slander. >> all these things get reflected in the polls. the second thing to do with enthusiasm, i remember 1984, the last few days of the campaign, people were turning out for walter mondale and geraldine ferraro. all this lovely thing about excited rallies and speaking of a bernie sanders supporter, i saw many of those excited people at big rallies.
10:25 pm
at the end of the day, i think those polls have been pretty consistent, reflecting what's going to happen on election day. >> but sanders got big crowds as well. >> huge. >> huge. >> my point is, number one, they've got to show up. and if there's anything that i've seen consistently from hillary clinton supporters, it's a lack of enthusiasm. literally, people have said to me, yeah, i'll do this. that is not going to drive a lot of people to the polls. >> you may not be hanging out with that many. >> what hurts at least some republicans who i talk to is that hillary clinton has run so closely to barack obama and this news today about the obamacare premiums, a different kind of republican candidate could hang that around hillary clinton's neck 15 days and prosecute and prosecute, and prosecute. would it be enough to overcome deficits of four or five points in battlegrounds? i don't know. but it could reinforce a larger message that she is just more of
10:26 pm
the same in a moment when people want change. >> we've got to go. >> the only thing we're hearing that donald trump is honestly losing is in the media or these polls that certain ones are putting out. you're not seeing it with the crowd rallies or on social media, where donald trump is two to three to four times more than hillary clinton on any every social media platform. the only place you're hearing that donald trump is losing -- >> we talked about the ground -- >> i also heard on twitter that 9/11 was an inside job, which is simply not true. >> and area 51. >> time now for a quick break. please don't tweet me now about this. when we come back, we'll hear from a former miss usa contestant. donald trump sued her for $10 million after she said the pageant was rigged. donald trump won that suit. we'll have more on that, haud. ahead.
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as we reported, donald trump used a portion of his gettysburg speech over the weekend to attack the women who said he touched them inappropriately. he threatened to sue them all. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my
10:31 pm
campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued a of the election is over. >> it was probably the dnc and the clinton campaign that put forward these liars with their fabricated stories. but we'll find out about their involvement at a later date through litigation. and i look so forward. >> whether that's an idle threat or not remains to be seen. one woman who knows what it's like to be sued by donald trump, sheena monahan, she was miss pennsylvania, but resigned in protest after she said the pageant was allegedly rigged, after she posted on facebook that she thought the pageant was fraudulent, trump sued her for $10 million. she joins me tonight. sheena, back in 2012, how do you find out that donald trump
10:32 pm
planned to take a legal action against you? >> yes, i actually found out through the media. once he decided that he was going to sue me for $10 million, he didn't approach me professionally behind closed doors and say, i hear that you want to resign your title, what's going on, he actually went to the media first. and i woke up and i saw my image everyone online and on tv and i wondered, what in the world is going on? this has completely blown up compared to what i did, which was simply resigning my title. >> what did you think when you saw that? were you scared? >> i wasn't scared of donald trump. i've never been scared of him, because i know and understand he uses bullying tactics against everyone. and i have a degree in psychology and i understand that underneath the bullying tactics and usually a lot of emptiness and a strong need to feed the ego. so i wasn't scared of him, but there was a lot of unknown with
10:33 pm
me, with the court proceedings. i'd never been sued before. i didn't know what to think as far as what my rights were, what the next step would be. and i was very surprised, honestly, that there was so much reactivity involved with the lawsuit and the way he handled it. >> about a year ago, a reporter said it would be his privilege to destroy the reporter's life like he did that idiot from pennsylvania and miss usa, referring to you. how did he do that, exactly? >> oh, he didn't destroy my life. i think that was one of his goals, once he realized i wasn't going to give into it. some of and the threats he made through his attorney to me were that if i didn't recant what i said and what i said, and if i didn't take my title back, he was going to try to hinder my professional growth. he was going to try to sabotage any career opportunities that i may have in the future. so i understand that was his personal goal, based on what he communicated to me with his attorney, but my life wasn't destroyed in the manner that he
10:34 pm
wanted to destroy it. and he only won legally because there was a default judgment. >> and trump is now saying that he's going to sue and go after the election, he'll sue the women accusing him of sexual assault. i'm wondering when you heard that, what did you think? and what were your -- as someone who's actually been through being sued by him, what would you tell people? >> yes, absolutely. you know, when i first heard that, i thought, why are people so surprised? he has been an overreactive person, who behaves in a narcissistic manner for many, many years, and it's really not surprising that when someone steps up and says something that he doesn't care for, of course, he's going to overreact and make a threat of some kind. and my words to those women are, stand your ground. if you know, as i did, that you're standing on truth and you have a firm foundation, make sure you surround yourself with people who will support you and don't quit. because it's going to get very difficult. and it's not going to be pretty.
10:35 pm
some of the attacks that he made against me and against my personhood, they did hurt. and it's not nice to behave in that manner. but that's what we should expect from someone who has a long history of acting out in that way. and i would is a to them, just really don't give up. if you know you're standing on truth, fight to the very end and know there are people out there who will believe in you, even if he attacks you or your character. >> thanks very much. appreciate your time. >> yeah, thank you. >> we me again tonight, christine quinn and scottie nell hughes. just in terms of trump talking about suing these women who have accused him, talked about suing "the new york times." as a clinton supporter, anytime donald trump is not talking about issues and is talking about stuff like this, is that a good day for the clinton campaign? >> i think, of course it is. and it's another day he's not staying on his message, which obviously is good for us, but also shows, again, as i said before, he's not fit to be president if he can't even stay on point on his campaign message, how is he going to negotiate international issues?
10:36 pm
but beyond politics, the fact that donald trump, given the evaluated position he now has as the republican nominee would threaten to sue these 12 or 14 women who have come out, alleging very specific sexual assault, to me, is just the biggest, most offensive example of his bullying. >> well, i do get, though, if you believe -- if you're arguing that -- if you're saying that you've been wrongly accused, you want to defend yourself and want to make a point of saying, i didn't do this and i want to sue these people. >> when you have 12 or 14, i can't remember what it is, cases, all brought against you with very specific details, with women that have nothing to do with each other. there is clearly something here. and he, i believe, with is only threatening to sue them, because as we said before, he will never go through discovery. never, ever. he's doing this to try to
10:37 pm
control these women, which is ultimately what's at the core of rape and sexual assault, which is control. >> and i'm certainly not making a judgment on their cases. i think it's 11. scottie, to you, is it off-message for trump to be doing this? should he be focused on talking about obamacare and the rising premiums that we just learned about today instead of going down this path? >> absolutely, i agree. if he was on message, he would be a lot higher in these polls. unfortunately, we continue to give attention to these women, to these allegations, with just words, not necessarily hard-core evidence that he actually did these things or that he actually assaulted these women. and yes, these women all do have some form of connection. many are represented by gloria allred, who was a delegate to hillary clinton for the dnc. has strong democrat ties -- >> i think maybe two that i know of -- >> but none of these have hard-core evidence besides just words. there's no actual tangible proof that says, yes, for sure, he did
10:38 pm
this or did not do this. you're going to refer to the tape, but that tape does not refer to any of these 11 women. and these women continue to be -- >> he talks about them. >> yeah, but -- >> he talks about them. >> we haven't covered these women in days and donald trump brought it up this weekend at a major policy address, addressing what he was going to do in the first hundred days -- >> you guys blame the media, it's him! he can't get away -- >> he's showing once again the falsehood of these. that everybody can throw mud at the wall and you're going to cover it and show it instead of actually showing when he talks about -- >> i guess my question is, why is he still talking about? >> why doesn't he stop? >> he's saying, look at all the false narratives that continue, nobody holds them accountable, those women to actually say whether or not, but they're going to hold me accountable without any evidence. if they're going to be the judge, jury, prosecutor -- >> so you want him to keep talking about --
10:39 pm
>> no, i definitely don't want him to. but unfortunately, these questions continue to come up. and unlike hillary clinton, mr. trump has that actual transparency. he's not going to wait until you have the fbi or wikileaks to find out the truth of what happened years later. >> he's transparent until there's a hot mike, right? and then when you get a hot mike, you get the real donald trump, not what he's been putting out there. and as it relates to these women, a number of these women sat here with anderson cooper and on national tv -- >> once again, words. we can allege anything. >> scottie, these women, and very powerfully, explained why, never reported their case. and the woman who was on the airplane, she was so afraid to report her case, because she believed she would be fired! >> but it was a false case. we have now seen evidence that backs up -- >> no, no. >> you've had a person come out and say, it did not happen -- >> wait, wait -- >> nothing has been proven false or true. >> there is no evidence -- >> you don't -- look -- >> we've got to go. >> there's not been a police investigation, so you can't say that. >> she never filed a report.
10:40 pm
>> because she was terrified. >> because she was making it up. >> christine, thank you. scottie, as well. just ahead, trump supporters speaking out in florida and in some cases lashing out at our randi kaye. what the crowd had to say about the media, next. go, go! [ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ] brick and mortar, what?!
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donald trump today complained on the twitter about what he calls made-up, phony polls. and at a florida rally, he said some great polls came out and he said he thought he was losing. and he is behind in the vast majority of national polls. randi kaye is in florida, where she asked trump supporters what they think. >> reporter: no shortage of enthusiasm for donald trump at his rally in tampa, despite the fact that he's now behind in most polls. >> a lot of the polls are showing that trump is trailing. do you believe the polls. >> no. i really don't. >> donald trump has said that the polls are inaccurate. he doesn't believe them. what do you think?
10:45 pm
>> i don't believe them either. >> reporter: many here suggest the polls are wrong, because people are afraid to say who they're voting for. but our questions about the polls were quickly interrupted by this man. >> hypocritical. >> i've never seen you before. you don't know me. >> no, no, but i know your news station and to me it's biased. >> reporter: shortly after that, he agreed to on interview. >> what do you think about the polls that all seem to show right now donald trump trailing? >> i think the polls are trash. it's bologna. >> do you believe that these are fake polls m. >> yes, definitely. i see the bias in the whole media. it's because he's not the usual candidate that you would select. you see, he decides himself, right, to be who he is. >> reporter: we moved on, asking supporters how trump can turn things around, given that his own campaign manager acknowledges that they are behind in the polls. >> right now he needs to stay point on. he does need to put a structured points out there, of what he plans on doing. he has to share with everybody what his agendas are. and -- >> will that help win him more support, do you think?
10:46 pm
>> it will. >> with so many polls, regardless of what you believe, showing donald trump trailing, what do you think he needs to say at this point to win the support of more american people? >> donald trump needs to go exactly and say what he did saturday, as far as his vision and his hundred-day, what he will do in the first hundred days. >> you want more specifics? >> that was excellent. >> reporter: supporters here will telling me how trump needs to stay on message, when, again, things turned ugly. >> everything you say, they're going to twist it. cnn sucks. >> nice to see you, too. >> cnn sucks. >> nice to see you. >> i know who you are. you're a liar! you're a liar! >> nice to see you. >> you chop everything up and edit it to your -- you suck! >> reporter: finally, even fellow supporters had enough. >> we have the right to answer the questions they ask. >> i have the right to say what -- >> you're making a fool of yourself. >> cnn sucks! >> reporter: it got so hostile, we did just one more interview,
10:47 pm
far away from the crowds. at this point, what do you think he has to say or do to turn the polls around if they are accurate? >> well, he has to appeal to the undecided people. he has to settle down and act a little bit more like a politician for a while. i think his policy, his philosophies are spot-on. i think his approach has been a bit ragged. i think he needs to try to tone it down just maybe a bit. >> randi joins me now from tampa. pretty rowdy crowd today. seems like a lot of anger there. >> reporter: certainly a lot of anger, anderson. but i should point out, that first guy that came at me and i calmed him down and we did that interview, he apologized to me after that was done for making such generalizations about journalists. that other woman who was in my face, pointing her finger, she continued to chase us around that line and throughout the rally. but i did get a chance to speak to some of the supporters about early voting and one woman told me she did get out and vote early this morning. she wanted to be an inspiration to others and no matter what the
10:48 pm
polls say, that she should get out and vote and that their vote can make a difference. and i talked to another guy who said, that he's so convinced that the polls are rigged, he hand-delivered his ballot to make sure it gets counted. the pentagon is facing growing pressure tonight over its demand that thousands of veterans re-pay bonuses that they were given a decade ago. they've even tacked on interest. our drew griffin tonight keeping 'em honest.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
by seasoning turkey breast to marie staperfection.key dinner so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's keeping them honest. growing outrage on capitol hill and beyond that boggles the mind. enlisted being forced to pay backbone uses they earned for reenlisting. law make remembers speaking out urging action. drew griffin has been digging. >> reporter: in 2006, the military desperately needed soldiers to fight in iraq and afghanistan. it was missing its recrewment goals for new enlisties, so the defense department started paying incentive bonus to keep the soldiers it already had.
10:53 pm
reenlist and you get loan forgiveness and bonuses. now the pentagon is saying give us our money back. >> they are asking for 25 -- over $25,000. and that's because they have been charging me interest since 2013. >> reporter: that's right. not just her bonus, but interest charges, too. master sergeant susan haley got that bonus after signing up for an additional six years. now the military says it wants the money back. haley's husband and son also served in the military. her son lost a leg in afghanistan. the quft says she is being forced to pay a quarter of her income every month. >> it's devastating. sad, breaks my heart i feel betrayed that i gave them my time and now they want my money back. and my family has sacrificed so much. now we are struggling to pay even our house payments.
10:54 pm
>> reporter: it all the started when a federal investigation found enlistment officers committing fraud. in california, the fbi went after master sergeant tony jaffe who pleaded guilty of fooils filing false and malicious claims, adding up to $15.5 million in illegal pay out and loan repayments to california guardsmen. jaffe has gone to prison. now, inexplicably the department of defense is going further, much further, going after the solders to pay back their bonuses they were promised and earned. chris van meter served his country an kpla six years and was forced to pay back $46,000. >> you think it is a joke. obviously it was not a joke. and it's gut wrenching because you have to figure out what you are going to do how you are going to survive i had a young family at the time. >> reporter: the california national guard shares the frustration but says it does not have authority to waive the
10:55 pm
debts. california congressman adam schiff today told usually has already written to the head of the california national guard asking any attempts to reclaim soldiers' bonus money be stopped until he and congress with can work out a solution. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> drew, what is the pentagon saying about this? why is this happening? >> this has been an ongoing issue for several years. there is even a bureaucratic process at the pentagon all set up to handling these issues one by one of the it's called the bonus audit and recoupment process. it's case by case. individual soldiers have to plead their case, prachs perhaps even hire a lawyer. today the pentagon says it's going to work for a better solution. it may have to come from congress you. >> say it's been a problem for years. i'm surprised this hasn't been resolved already. >> that is the bigger question. members of congress, particularly in california, have
10:56 pm
known about this for years. there have been news stories dating back to 2010le all along no one has stepped up to help these service members. it wasn't the soldiers' faultle they served their country. so far, little to no help in congress. i will give you a quick example. today senator barbara boxer and diane feinstein put out a letter to the department of defense saying fix this. barbara boxer did that in 2010. nothing happened. i think the soldiers need to ask why. >> we'll be right back.
10:57 pm
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that's it for us. thanks for watching. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. our brand-new cnn orc poll has hillary clinton with a five point lead over donald trump among likely voters. do you know who is not buying that? hmm, let me think. >> i believe we are actually winning. now the press -- i believe we are actually winning if you read the "new york times" and if you read some of these phony papers -- these are phony, disgusting dishonest papers. but if you read this stuff it's like what are we doing, what are we wasting time for?